Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gibson Island MD -- Skippers Row

This Gibson Island property was designed and built by noted architect, Edward Palmer as his personal residence. It affords panoramic views of both the harbor and the Chesapeake Bay. This French Normandy beach house is wonderful, isn't it? via
I have real estate on the brain. It's been all I could do lately to keep up with the showings of my new listing and keep my head above water around my own cottage. I mowed the back yesterday and the day before. I still have to do the front---it looks like a jungle and I don't even care. It all gets done in due time. Plus it's hot again and the air conditioning feels very good! I'm off to watch an episode of Father Brown I recorded last night. xo


helene said...

As my father-in-law used to say about the lawn when the day went by and it didn't get mowed...."It will still be there tomorrow." Ha! He was a kind and wise man, and we miss him dearly. But at least we are getting some summer weather, eh? That was a winter for the record books!

The Queen Vee said...

This cottage is so pretty and it's sold. It will be a wonderful home for whoever bought it. I love the color of the shutters.

Cooled off today, down to mid 80s…..thank goodness as it's been so hot and humid. Our grass growth has slowed considerably as it protects itself from the heat. We are now moving into a 10 day mowing cycle. I'm perfectly capable of mowing the grass but this summer we are paying our oldest grandchild to do it as he needs to earn some money.