Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meet Jock VI, Ginger Cat at Chartwell

From nationaltrust on Instagram: Following an intensive interview process, we're proud to welcome Chartwell's newest employee. When Chartwell was left in our care, the family of Sir Winston Churchill requested that there would always be a ginger cat with white chest fur and four white paws named Jock in residence. Following the retirement of Jock V, we're honoured to introduce Jock VI! He likes afternoon naps, tuna and cuddles.

The unusual request stems from the affection Churchill felt for a kitten given to him on his 88th birthday by Jock Colville, one of his secretaries.

Churchill lived at Chartwell in Kent from 1924 until his death in 1965. The National Trust property has been kept exactly as it was when he lived there. See more photos and read the article here. I love animal stories like this, don't you?
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Candice said...

We've been to Chartwell many times and it is truly a piece of Churchill that lives still. Planning to go again in Seotember.

The Queen Vee said...

Lucky Candice, getting to visit Chartwell so often.

The newest Jock looks like a fine fellow, he has a wise face.

Now if only we could get another Chruchill, we surely could use one right now.

And now for something entirely different. The two local amateur weather people that I follow are predicting a real possibility for another snow storm next week hitting PA and north (that would be you) along with COLD vortex weather. They've been quite accurate this winter…ugh!

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

Isn't it a wonderful story. Have you every read the book Dewey? I gave it to my sister for Christmas a few years ago, and she loved it. Quite a sweet story.

Karen said...

What a wonderful story, I had not heard of this before. Such a regal fellow, I love the marmalade coloring with the milky white chest.