Monday, March 24, 2014

Bird's Nest in a Thorn Bush

I would say the mother bird picked a good place to build this nest last year in the middle of a wild rose bush with giant thorns. I cleaned out all the debris in hopes she will come back to reclaim it soon. I am always fascinated with the beautiful weaving our fine feathered friends are able to do with no hands. Can you see the tiny bit of greening in the multiflora stems? Spring is on the way.
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JudyMac said...

If you see a bird nesting here again, let us know what kind of bird it is. Whatever kind, I would say it would have to tip-toe in and out, what with those huge thorns. :-) Yesterday I watched a little Carolina Chickadee make numerous trips with a beek full of fresh green moss to the new nest it's building.

Anonymous said...

Truly a marvel, and it survived all that snow!

LANA said...

A few years back we had a Baltimore Oriole nest in one of our trees. After they left we had some branches trimmed and the empty nest was amazing! It looked like a sack that someone had crocheted. Your nest is in a good place, not many cats or other critters will want to risk those thorns!

The Queen Vee said...

A sweet little masterpiece, so well built that it survived all that winter snow. I didn't know that birds came back to old nests, I will be curious to know if this abode gets a new family.