Friday, February 21, 2014

A Rainbow and A Robin

There was a rainbow at the end of the day today. My reward for ice chipping and snow shoveling. The slow melt is continuing and the gutters are running more freely even though they are still full of ice. But somehow they seem to be handling the snow melting off the roof. If we had a really hard rain, I don't think I would be so lucky. 

A few days ago, a big fat robin landed on my balcony railing. I was so excited! 
I didn't need that trench I dug through the snow for the flood waters I was expecting, thank goodness. Webster loves it though and he explored that part of the property with new eyes since he hadn't seen the back in weeks. Tabitha likes it too. They are both already asleep after eating their supper and having a short walk.
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Anonymous said...

A few days ago, I spotted a single robin maneuvering through the snow covering my holly bush to grab a few berries! I was so delighted!

Anonymous said...

Love the angles in this sweet photo. Makes one hopeful that Spring might actually arrive.

weekend et coup de brosse said...

j'adore ton post!
Have a nice week-end !