Sunday, November 3, 2013

Webster, Deep in Thought

You can almost see the gears going around in his mind, can't you? He's probably calculating the hours until his next meal. He always eats with great gusto, and I like that about him. There's nothing more annoying than a picky eater in my book. He knows I take the time to cook oatmeal for a nutritious topping on his kibble and he dances around when it comes out of the microwave.


Anonymous said...

Webster you're a good boy.

Like me...You might need a little Lady Clairol though.

Gail, in northern California said...

Mr. Webster deserves such loving care, after all, he's on duty 24/7 protecting you.

Precious pup.

Millie said...

MOTH always says puppy Lulu is actually a Labrador disguised as a small Spoodle - she has the appetite of a bus full of Sumo wrestlers returning from a Detox spa!
Millie xx