Sunday, November 3, 2013

Location for Art Photo Shoot

I took the bird's nest art photo on top of this tin chest on frame in my living room. The tin top provided the wonderful background. I forgot to set my clock back last night, did you? We lost an hour but I feel fine because I fell asleep while watching TV earlier than usual and have no idea how the show I was watching ended. What did we do before recording devices like DVRs? 


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Maybe you feel so well today, because you GAINED an hour...:)

You have a wonderfully cozy looking home. And I'm going to visit the post with your photo...
I'd love to take better photos. I just do not have an eye for it.

lindaroo said...

I always get mixed up about that, too; actually, we gained an hour. Love your Bird's Nest with Feather photo!

Anonymous said...

You read my mind! I saw your [exquisite!] art photo and couldn't help wondering about the [equally exquisite] background. And now another question, do you leave the nest there on that chest all the time? We too had an abandoned nest with eggs [heartbreaking] sitting very close to the house, brought it in and are keeping it under a [Pottery Barn] glass dome for safe keeping [by the front door in that photo].

Your house is as lovely as you are!


Christine said...

So glad to know I'm not the only one who falls asleep during a show and not know how it turned out. I hate that!
Your home is so wonderful.
Love your style.

Karen said...

Your house always looks great and I love the tin top table (chest on legs) that you have. Maybe it's time for a tour of your lovely home for your readers.

Fall back, spring forward, that's how I remember.