Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Long Blade of Grass in Bright Sun

How boring, you say? I was pretty excited that my new iPhone was able to capture this back-lit reed of tall grass in the wetlands. I'm so glad I got the space gray one with the black screen on front and black around the camera lens to prevent light leaks just as I hoped it would. My old white one had that problem. It's pretty chilly outside today as I discovered when I went out on my balcony to check on a blanket I washed late yesterday. I threw it over the railing to dry and this morning it was frozen as stiff as a board. I must look for my mittens before I take my walk after breakfast.
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Christine said...

Oh, I've done that, too!
A frozen blanket, left outside overnight.
You just have to laugh!

The Queen Vee said...

I haven't had time to buy a new phone yet, it's on my list for next week. I appreciate though, all your excellent advice about the the 5. My present phone is silver with a black screen, I do not want the gold phone and after having a white Mac, I never want any white technology again. I'm really impressed with the quality of your photo from your new phone. I could almost pick that blade of grass right out of the picture.