Saturday, October 19, 2013

Windows almost finished.

Today was a cloudy day and it wasn't cold so I washed the outside of all the windows on the front and two around the corner. I had already done the kitchen window and the French doors on the deck and the front door inside and and out. Then I did the inside of living room and guest room windows. There are two that are really difficult, one in my bedroom and one in the bathroom. I have a really hard time doing the outsides the old-fashioned way from the inside but I'll tackle them tomorrow. The other ones in difficult locations like the attic are tilt windows that are easy. I have decided that it's practically impossible to catch up with housework once you get behind. I feel as if I am on a treadmill that's running at full speed and I can't get off, but I am determined and that's half the battle. I polished my windows with a micro fiber cloth and they are the cleanest they have ever been. The outside was easy because of the power washing about a month ago before the house painting. I'm leaving the screens off for the winter and the house is nice and bright and the windows really sparkle. There is nothing nicer, is there? 


Anonymous said...

I long ago gave up on washing my windows the old fashioned way. Now I get a bucket of water, big sponge, Dawn dish washing liquid and the hose. They come out better then they used too.

Courtney Affrunti said...

Yesterday was window washing day for us as well. I am going to try your method of polishing with a micro fiber cloth. Thanks for the tip!

The Queen Vee said...

I have faux double hung divided light windows that tilt in which makes window cleaning pretty easy. I use a little Dawn in water and a squeegee. I do love those micro fiber cloths though for cleaning all around the house.

I have clean window envy, you are way ahead of me. You're right though, it's hard to keep up with all there is to do in house even if you haven't gotten behind. I think you're catching up with your home cleaning Rosemary. You've been so busy and working so hard that I can't imagine you've needed to use that hula hoop.