Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Front Door Painted Yesterday

I decided to go with a neutral palate for my front door and shutters. This color scheme is throughout the interior of my cottage as well. White walls and Bennington Grey woodwork. I have worn a path going in and out to look at my front door to see if I like my choice and I do. The Shaker-style shutters were painted yesterday and they will be going up today. I was honestly tempted to leave them off but decided to put them up again after more agony and a sleepless night. They were custom made for my cottage with raised panels and they were expensive. They are still in great condition so up they go. Maybe I'll leave them off next go round since I was growing accustomed to the stark Shaker look. The company that made my shutters has a before and after gallery where you can see different houses with and without shutters by running your mouse over the images here. Once again, my fingers are in my ears and I can't hear you. When I want the stark look, I can just go around back where there are no shutters and the doors remain white. More pictures will be posted later. My outside paint/repair project is winding down. I have already started my winter list of inside jobs for these marvelous men to help me with over the winter. I'll be so sad to see them go. That's the thing about construction and I had almost forgotten how much I love it. There is real withdrawal when it's over. 
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Mama Pea said...

Smart girl to keep your fingers in your ears!! I've found (after many years of hard lumps, bumps and scrapes) you're never happy living with a decision someone else made for you.

P.S. But just in case you read this ;o}, I'm so glad you decided to put the shutters back up.

Karen in CT ... now VA said...

.. I remember these tough choices ... it can be torture and sleepless nights for sure ... only you know what's going to work for you ... I love watching you work through these travels.

It's looking great.

Karen in CT ... now VA

Gail, northern California said...

You have absolutely made the right choice and I can't wait to see the newly-painted shutters back up.

This may sound odd but for some reason I would have been tempted to paint the front door black (with shiny brass hardware).

Anonymous said...

Ha. Your fingers are in your ears, but your eyes are open! I kinda like the no shutter look. Sara, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Rosemary, you continue to make thoughtful choices for your cottage. The front door looks great and I DO SO COMPLETELY love the fresh white paint ( know there no longer is simply the color white but thousands of variations) . . . I was hoping to find another progress report from you this morning and there it was. Ah, now I can go about my work. I'll check back later.

Carol said...

I fret and fret over these types of decisions too. At first I wasn't sure about your door color, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. Keeps things soft -- and neutral as you said. Also love how it ties in with the colors of the bricks.

Content in a Cottage said...

Every white house in my area has black shutters or the very dark green, almost black called Essex Green. Many have black front doors too.
I have a whole grove of spruce trees across my front on the other side of the driveway, along the road. I get tons of that green pollen in the spring and I thought it would show less on the low contrast door and shutters. There is method in my madness.
xo, Rosemary

Alette said...

Hello gorgeous!
Long time no write, eh? I'm talking about me, of course :)

I looove the new fresh look of your beautiful cottage!

About the main door... Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be so wrong to give it a touch a little bit more dramatic...

They used to say -a long time ago- that red mean that the owner has finished to pay the mortgage. But, without being that dramatic, ha ha... a few drops of colour?

Anyway, whatever you decide will be perfect because you have such good taste that your house will play as inspiration to other people do the same!

Avanti ragazza!
Best regards,
A. ♥

Perfectly At Home, New England. said...

Looking so fabulous!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Karen said...

Your house is looking so great. I know how wonderful it feels to get some things taken care of, checked off the list. I'm happy you decided to put the shutters back up but I completely understand the doubt, change always feels good.

helene said...

I love it and can't wait to see the shutters back up!

Maureen said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying following along with your cottage repairs. As the owner of a very old cottage, I can relate to the endless maintenance and the difficult choices. But, isn't it lovely when you arrive home to that freshly painted and repaired cottage?

p.s. love the white paint! I'd probably skip the shutters, but I bet it will look wonderful either way :-)

The Queen Vee said...

Keep your fingers in your ears as I'm not shouting any suggestions. I totally trust your thought precess and choices. I love the plain shaker look and I will love it also with the custom made shutters back in place.

It's looking so fresh and beautiful and now I'm I'm wondering what you're going to work on inside the cottage.

Can't wait for the Big reveal by the end of the week.

Anonymous said...

I would miss these guys too! they sound completely wonderful! Rare! will they come to California??

Your cottage looks wonderful.......and I especially love what is in it! You, Webster and Tabitha!

and, I believe that your mother is wafting about! do good things happen: out of the blue? I think that is your mother!

My mother "went up" (I learned that expression in New Orleans twenty years ago!) in 1980! She is around me all the time....and things happen.....I say...."Thanks, Mommy!"

I know it is her!


The Cloth Shed said...

When your marvellous men have finished at your place, can you send them over to Northumberland to finish off our Bastle?
All looking good at The Cottage....
Julie x

Anonymous said...

Put the cotton back in your ears: Mine's the lone vote for painting the front door white. The visual weight of all your front windows bracketed by tan paneled shutters will be shattered by tan shutters against tan door. Can you hear me? no? good, carry on then. :-)