Monday, September 23, 2013

Square Chestnuts

Fooled you, didn't I? The chestnuts aren't square but the photo is. That's one of the cool new features of IOS7 on my iPhone. You can choose regular, square or Pano before you take the picture now. I chose square for this one and didn't have to do any playing around with photo editing afterwards. My workers are here now taking down gutters, sanding, and who knows what else. I was out with Webster earlier and saw him eating the chestnuts, shells and all. I hope they aren't poison. He seemed to be enjoying them immensely. Checked, they are not toxic to dogs, cats, or horses. Mine are American Chestnuts. 
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JudyMac said...

I can't imagine eating the whole thing, but maybe it will provide good fiber in Webster's diet. :-)

The Queen Vee said...

Fall is here and I'm enjoying the cool crisp weather and your square chestnut photo. I also downloaded IOS7 but haven't had time to really familiarize myself with it, maybe this week in between house guests.

Can't wait for the big reveal of your newly painted cottage.