Sunday, September 22, 2013

Power Wash Weekend

My cottage after a day of power washing yesterday.

He and I are both exhausted from power-wash Saturday. The house and barn/garage look fantastic. My workers were amazing and worked without stopping from 8am until about 5:30 in the afternoon. They were the only people I interviewed who didn't use bleach. My guys used Simple Green House and Siding Cleaner. One guy went around first with a backpack sprayer or a hand-held sprayer and sprayed it all surfaces and the guy with the power washer went behind him in due time. The power wash solution had Simple Green in it too. It is safe for all surfaces and is non-toxic to pets and plantings. It worked wonders on my mildew staining. Webster supervised from inside. The house looks fabulous. My photo above looks perfect but there is a lot that needs to be attended to. The front fascia has deteriorated and will be replaced with Azek. They are coming back tomorrow at 8am to start on carpentry repair work. 

Webster had a nice weekend. Henry spent several nights here and they had so much fun together. He's no trouble at all. I have had a pretty relaxing Sunday and I'm planning on tucking in early to watch the Emmys. I backed up and updated my iPhone 4S and iPad to IOS 7 and so far, I like it. See you tomorrow.
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Karen in CT said...

... wow, you go girl ... all exciting ... you are such a tireless homeowner

some friends are having bits of issues with 7 update, told me to wait a few weeks till they get bugs straightened out ... I'm not sure what to do, they say sometimes your apps don't work so good until you back up ...

anybody have thoughts on this?

enjoy the Emmy's, thanks for reminder, have to DVR it ... going to friends for dinner in 5 minutes

Karen in CT .. now Virginia

Rachy said...

What a beautiful home you have :) x

Karen said...

Wow, your house looks freshly painted. They really did a good job. Webster is the best play mate.
Henry is so cute.
I'm watching the Emmys right now, multi-tasking.

Ann said...

Your house looks great...I am the queen of deferred maintenance, bad, I know.

I really want to thank you for the tip on Last Tango in Halifax...I just LOVE it. Brit teevee is so good...I love that the people look real and they use so many older actors. And the stories are so good, with little or no superfluous dramatics.



Anonymous said...

My cousin says I am crazy that I do not like the new os7
I actually dislike it!

I don't like the too bright colors......they are almost 'neon"; I can't work things......they are malfunctioning!

I don't think Steve Jobs would have ever approved!

Oh well. I have ordered the new iphone which comes with this!

So I guess I better make friends with it!


Anonymous said...

We just had our house power washed and, like the Cottage, it sparkles from top to bottom. However, our guys used bleach. We shall be better informed on the next go round, thanks to you.

Are you not watching Last Tango in Halifax? It is filled with surprises. Foyles War followed and was excellent.

Good sleep.

Verbena said...

Bello! Complimenti....(from Florence Italy)

The Queen Vee said...

I'm behind on Foyles War, Last Tango in Halifax and Broadchurch due to commitments and house guests. I love that there is usually a way to catch up via computer or On Demand on TV.

Your cottage is so clean it almost looks like it doesn't need to be painted. Exciting happenings though at your cottage this week, hope the weather remains good so that all the workers can work their magic.

Karen said...

I used distilled white vinegar on mold patches on my house (I could reach:) and it worked great! It also worked on weeds I had growing up through the deck - best to apply in hot weather. It only took a day and a half and all weeds dead. Kudos to you for going the extra effort of finding a green company!