Saturday, May 4, 2013

Red and Timber Kitchen

I would love cooking in this wonderful kitchen that brings the outside in so nicely. I love it. My knees are a muddy mess but I'm sitting on the sofa anyway. I moved tons of wood chips and I'm not nearly finished. It's was hard work but satisfying. Have a great weekend. 


kana/ga said...

You amaze me at all the work you get done around the cottage while still working. Share some of energy, girl! I need it :)


Anonymous said...

LOVE love, love this kitchen!! Red cabinets make my heart sing! YIKES!! the glass between the beams!

Have you seen the bathroom at Velvet and Linen? this reminded me of it!

That house is flying up like I cannot believe! Excuse me? 7 months from a vacant lot to a house??
first time in the history of the world......

(and it is not a "kit "house!

I hope you will "peek"!!

Bernardine said...

I absolutely LOVE this kitchen! Wowowowow!

Anonymous said...

The size of those supporting beams is freightening. Then the glass ceiling really doesn't seem just right somehow. The divided light windows above the counter, why didn't they use single pane to be in keeping with the glass ceiling? And better yet, run that glass window right up the wall to the ceiling. Now that would have been inspiring. Instead one of those huge structural beams looks like it is being supported by the window. Scary.

Love the red cabinets. I just put in black countertops. Big mistake, constant maintenance, everything shows, I'll never do that again.