Saturday, May 4, 2013

No Front Yard Birds This Year

Could this be the reason?

Is this Tabitha's way of asking for an outside water dish of her own? I had just filled the birdbath with nice cold well water from the kitchen faucet. 


sandy lawrence said...

Perhaps Tabitha will be less perverse than my cats. They have water bowls in several outdoor locations and still prefer the birdbaths for drinking! Who can discern the mind of a cat?

Content in a Cottage said...


I think I'm too late to convince her to drink elsewhere. In the house she has her own water dish but she only drinks from Webster's.

Have a great weekend.

xo, Rosemary

Stacey Snacks said...

This is definitely the reason!

JudyMac said...

This really made me chuckle. The kitty, Isabelle, that I house sit with always drinks from the concrete bird bath in front yard--which is only about 18 inches off the ground. You might try one with a higher pedestal, but she may still try to drink with the birds. At least it would make it more difficult for her to reach the birds--if that's what she's after at times. Tabitha looks like a very sweet cat. :-)

Content in a Cottage said...

Judy...this birdbath on an inverted cement pot covers my well head. This is the first time I have seen Tabitha drink from it. She isn't a killer and doesn't stalk anything. She loves to be close to the house under a boxwood sleeping and enjoying the outdoors. She spends an equal amount of time indoors sleeping too.
Happy Mother's Day!!

Karen said...

This is such a cute picture...Tabitha is making sure the birds aren't hiding in the bath!