Thursday, May 9, 2013

Leaves as Art

Beautiful. I love Nasturtiums. via

My own iPhone photo of Japanese Maple leaves. They are arranged in place by Mother Nature on a tree my mom planted on her birthday several years ago from a seedling she found growing wild. The tree has gotten quite large and I think of her every time I look in the back yard.


tammy j said...

in memory. in reality.
just beautiful!

Bonnie said...

Rosemary I will be thinking of you this weekend. It has been 20 years since my mother's passing....Mother's Day is probably when I miss her the most. Sending you hugs. Bonnie

ladyhawthorne said...

And nasturtiums taste so good too, just like radishes!

Anonymous said...

There is a Japanese Maple growing in a parking lot around the corner from where I live. I brought home a snipped twig and pressed twig/leaves between newsprint until all the water was extracted, then mounted and framed it [a very handsome mahogany WalMart frame]. What a joy it is to observe those leaves inside the house. In fact, pressing leaves is a wonderful pastime of mine, one whole wall is hung with nothing but pressed leaves picked up around my neighborhood.

I love this interaction you're sharing between Mother Nature and Mother Anna, what a perfect Mother's Day sentiment you have shared with us! Thank you....