Thursday, May 9, 2013

Faith in Humanity Restored

As most of us know since the large meteor crashed there, almost all Russians have video cameras mounted on their dashboards. This is a wonderful compilation of the many kind acts by everyday good Samaritans that were captured by these cameras. It's very heartwarming and the background music is beautiful. Please watch. If you can't see it on my blog, go to YouTube here. Good news is hard to find and this will bring tears to your eyes, guaranteed.


I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

Thank you for sharing that tender, heartwarming video.
And yes, there are tears in my eyes.

Karen in CT said...

... lovely . thanks

tammy j said...

and these are our 'enemies?'
i am weeping.
and i am hoping that such scenes would be found in our own country.
but somehow i have my doubts.
the politicians of the world are the enemies.
thank you rosemary.
you find the most amazing things to share with us! xo

Anonymous said...

Do you think we any persons here in the states who would take the time to help elderly people cross the street? I've never seen it - I wish I would.... This was lovely, thanks for sharing.

Mama Pea said...

There ARE good things going on all over the world each and every day. I so wish the media would concentrate on them rather than all the horrible stories they choose to sensationalize.

Juniper said...

Beautiful video... there are good people all around the world. These kinds of things, acts of kindness should be shown on the News at night in my opinion...

Thanks SO much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Heartwarming pictures! A friend told me today she "stopped traffic"; here in Santa Barbara for a mother duck walking her ducklings across a busy street!

This morning! It happens everywhere in the entire world, I believe, because I believe that humans are caring and good inherently.

The "monsters" in Boston and Cleveland....will always exist!

(foreign or native).

People are good by nature...and how heartwarming it is to see these! I may just try to find a "dashboard camera"! I see good people doing good things every day!

(we don't have snow it must be much more challenging in Russia!!)

to say the least..

Beth said...

I don't know why this video brings tears to my eyes. The music is among my favorite pieces also. It's called Arrival of the Birds by the Cinematic Orchestra. Thanks for posting this Rosemary.