Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pub Kitchen

This kitchen looks like an English Pub, doesn't it? I love decorating with antiques. via


LANA said...

Love it - so very cottage-y!

Vicki said...

Finally, I'm able to view images after a long slow-download time.
As always, your photos are a breath of fresh air and a sight for tired eyes, Rosemary.

Before I clicked on it, I thought the title read "pub kitten".
So when I saw this image, I spent ages trying to find the "kitten" - was he hiding among the lovely old baskets, perhaps in the darkened corner or up on the old bench seat? Lol!! Time for new glasses I think :)

This is definitely my kind of kitchen... time-worn, well loved and rustic.
Nothing "new" in sight. Lovely. Just, lovely :)

NanaDiana said...

That does look very English cottage style. I love it- xo Diana

Karen said...

I love this kitchen, I wouldn't change a thing.