Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baby Goose

This little gosling looks so cozy tucked under mother's wing. I'm getting ready to tuck myself between the sheets to enjoy some TV time on the flat screen in my bedroom. Goodnight all. See you in the morning. via


NanaDiana said...

What a beautiful and tender picture! Love it- xo Diana

Linda in AZ * said...

THANK YOU Rosemary!!! The goose & chick are soooo sweet & heart-warming, that I sent it on to my husband, who's in Texas on one of his annual golf trip with "the guys"...

These pics just made me SMILE... (a great BIG one!!!), and since I had an extra bad day ("health-wise), I sure NEEDED it!!!

Thanks again, my friend!
Linda in AZ

Karen said...

What a sweet image. There is nothing better.
Enjoy your evening

tammy j said...

that is priceless.
i are going to sleep here to the blessed sound of much needed rain.
it is a good night.
sleep well you three! xo

Linda said...

Simply precious!