Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meet Mr. Toad

I was glad to see that Mr. Toad was so big and healthy and happy looking after the winter. I dug out his toad house and put him in it. 

Here is the link to view on YouTube. This is HD and it looks great viewed full screen.


J.W. said...

He is gorgeous! What does his toad abode look like?

Bonnie said...

I may have to pin him. He would make a great subject for my art pad. He is so handsome. Bonnie

humbird said...

What a beautiful healthy fellow. Give him a kiss... you never know ;)

Garden, Home and Party said...

I love Mr. Toad. Show us his house sometime. Where does he go during the winter?

Maison Blanche said...

Is he the same guy you photographed on the orange hose?
Love that shot!


Mary Timmers said...

Love Mr. Toad. Are you a "Wind in the Willows" fan?