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Friday, May 4, 2012

This week's bird sightings | Yellow and Blue


Which bird do you prefer? The Goldfinch or the Bluebird?

UPDATE: This red-tailed hawk just flew by and wanted to be included!


Priscilla said...

I had goldfinches on my porch this week. Such sweet wee things they are.

tammy j said...

oh good grief charlie brown!
i could never decide.
to have colorful ones like that would be such a treat. beautiful!
i have occasional cardinals.
mostly i just have sparrows.
but i do adore watching the little english common folk taking baths.
they're just poor, plain
and cheerful.
like me! lol

Anonymous said...

BOTH birds are beautiful! Thanks for the sweet pictures! It's looking wonderful at your cottage! Still cool and rainy on our hill in Idaho but very green! Blessings, Cathy

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Red-tailed Hawks, are you watching this? Mom, Dad and 3 newborns all still in the nest:


Recycled Cottage & Garden said...

Don't think we have goldfinches here in TX, but I love the hawk! We have those here and they are magnificent. I'm rather partial to cardinals and I seem to have a courting couple near me!

sallie said...

My mother who died four years ago at 98 always said each time she sited a blue bird:

Bluebird on the wing
Happiness will bring

My hope is that it works for you and me as well as it did for her!


Karen said...

You mean I have to choose? I want them both. You are so lucky to have such pretty colored birds. We have some really brightly colored yellow birds but no blue birds in our area. We do have red tailed hawks...they are majestic but have smaller pets a little nervous. I like your bird bath.

Bonnie said...

I would all in my backyard. The hawk would have to play nicely though. They are all wonderful! Bonnie

Jeannie Marie said...

I love the bluebird. I don't think I've ever seen one, but I was a "Bluebird" for several years before becoming a Camp Fire Girl. I thought Bluebirds were not real birds.

jean said...

I love the yellow with the black but, that blue is just as lovely. Too hard of a choice. Someone would have to say, "choose or it's your life"! They are both so beautiful. Birds are some of my favorite creatures. How nice that you can enjoy them where you are.

humbird said...

I love all birds, but I think I like the blue bird just a wee bit more :) They remind me of the beautiful, vibrant blue wrens that we have over here.
You do have some very stunning birds in the US. You are indeed fortunate to have some very sweet feathered visitors to your cottage.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed.Such beautiful creatures.The blue bird is by far my favourite.Greetings from Italy, Chiara

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Fantastic hawk shot - I spend my photo days searching for hawks - I start out the day saying- "maybe today I'll get that hawk shot" - your is fabulous. I love the other two birds equally. The Goldfinch is the WA State Bird and I can never see too many of them- I would love to have hundreds at a time at my feeders.

Anonymous said...

OH I am so lucky to live in Santa Barbara, California! The divine woman who wrote the book on Santa Barbara birds was here for two hours for a fundraiser for the "Wildlife Care Network"!

she counted over a hundred birds in two hours by their song! In our backyard!

I love you blog so much!!