Friday, May 4, 2012

Lovely Manor House with Topiaries

Have a great weekend looking for something beautiful to inspire you! via


Karen said...

I like the house but I don't really like the topiaries as the main landscape.
Happy weekend.

jean said...

That is some manor house. The topiaries are quite interesting. Bet I would have had fun running zig zags around them. Have a great weekend, Rosemary.

tammy j said...

hahaha. affects me a little like ironing polka dots! makes me dizzy.
have i mentioned ...
it's so refreshing not to have music playing a few moments into your site. i know it's apparently glad yours doesn't! i know one can turn if off, but as soon as you go to a link within the post, it starts again. then you turn it off again.
unless i'm doing it wrong?
there's one site though, that has the sound of rain come on. that's rather lovely... just relaxing. all just personal taste i guess!