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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Star of My Power Outage

I bought this vintage stovetop Revere Ware Drip Coffee Pot years ago at a garage sale simply because it reminded me of my grandmother. I never knew I would grow to love it so much at the time. Luckily I have a gas stove and could boil a pot of water and start my powerless days with nice hot cups of coffee. Strangely enough my grandmother used hers to brew the best iced tea in the world. I am looking forward to having a day filled with tasks involving plugging things in wall sockets.

I dreamed last night or rather had nightmares about buying a new TV and figuring out how to set it up in my bedroom. I'll have to make some colored-coded labels for the tangle of wires. I'm in no rush. I watched a program or two last night in the living room before going to bed with my fascinating new book -- STORYTELLER The Authorized Biography of Roald Dahl by Donald Sturrock.

I picked it up at a library used book sale and it is a brand new hardback. I started reading it when I went to Town Hall to charge my iPhone on Sunday evening. Since the Irene disaster, they decided to be open 24/7 during all power outages so residents can get warm, charge their devices, and read while waiting. The library offers more during business hours with wifi too. There was also a working garden hose for bring home buckets of water to flush since we are all on wells. Looking forward to a normal day -- see you later.


jean said...

Now, that's my kind of library. I'm glad you have a gas stove. It sure is the greatest thing when power is out! After all, being a coffee lover myself, it wouldn't do to have to go without coffee in the morning :) Enjoy your book.

jean said...

Glad you got your power back!

Nancy said...

Love the pot!

c. Joy said...

We got a 'perk' coffee pot (I always called them a 'camping' coffee pot) after the snowstorms of Feb 2010 (funny, Texas isn't famous for snowfall). It has been wonderful, coffee so good sometimes on the weekend we make a pot of it instead of our usual. Glad to hear you were at least able to start your day with coffee, inspite of the power outage. Also, I'm new to your blog and a post came up on "Queen Elizabeth's parents" - have you ever seen the movie "Bertie and Elizabeth?" (PBS Masterpiece Theater ran it a few years back). Shows them in a different light, it was the first time I'd had seen a movie that didn't seem 'in love' with the idea that Edward VIII had given up the throne 'for the woman he loved.' Happy Tuesday.

Bonnie said...

I just found out our library books sale is this next weekend. I am looking forward to it and hoping to find some good reads. I am amazed at you geraniums growing inside. I have never thought of bringing them indoors. They are fairly inexpensive her and basically treated as annuals.

Karen said...

I love libraries...ours is very nice. You library sounds wonderful, almost like something from the past with their thoughtful service they provide the community.
I love the vintage coffee pot...I grew up with a variety of brands but the one that comes to memory most often is the Corning pot, with the easily identifiable blue cornflower. :-)