Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Fire on the First Snow Day

Trees and branches down everywhere. We got at least 8 inches of snow and it still hasn't stopped. Lost power too for several hours. I had my first fire and it's still going strong. I'm glad I have a nice fireplace in my living room and lots of dry firewood for emergencies like this. Poor Webster was on his own today. It was really too dangerous to go outside with all the tree limbs snapping like firecrackers. Nothing major though. The roads are constantly being plowed and it's supposed to be nice tomorrow with temps in the mid 40s and lots of melting. I'll dig out my snow shovels then. Stay warm and cozy and be safe. 


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

You and Webster enjoy you warm and cozy nest!

Lee Owenby said...

Looks like ya'll are having some really bad weather this year. Thank goodness you have a fireplace.

I love your blog.

The Queen Vee said...

I've been thinking about you off and on all day knowing that you were getting hit harder than we were. Our snow was mostly rain and sleet. Temps are cold enough tonight that I will have to bring plants in off my porches. I'm not ready to let them freeze yet. The wet heavy snow causes so much breakage of tree limbs so it's good that you and Webster stayed indoors today.

Is this a picture of your fireplace, it's so cozy and warm looking? Love the fireback!

I'm off to move the plants, stay safe and yes, do keep your phone charged.

YONKS said...

Wow, that's wild and way too early. Did you take any pics of the snow?
Di :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh that's so messy when it snow a lot before the leaves are raked. We've had that happen here in NE Ohio often. Many times our Thanksgiving looks more like Christmas. Your getting a lot of yard work this year!


Rustic Vintage Country said...

Oh, that looks so cosy. I'd love to have a nice fire like that. Good luck with the snow and following slush!!!

Susie said...

Rosemary, So sorry for all of you along the coast again. You are in my prayers. We were touring D.C., Gettysburg, and stopped over night returning home in Bedford, Pa. Our tour director made the right call for us to get an early start and out run the snow.We arived back in Indiana safe. But all of you are in my thoughts. Wishing for sunshine for all, Susie

Karen Maggie said...

I couldn't tell from your post if you were happy or frustrated with all the snow. I saw on the news and folks seemed surprised at the vast amounts of snow. Looks like winter is on it's way.
Also, I really like your blog. Lots of interesting topics. Thanks for sharing!

Millie said...

Rosemary are you having to dig yourself out of all that snow? Seems it's very early in the Season for that mega sort of dump, hope it's not a hint of what Winter 2011 is going to bring you. If it's any sort of consolation we are only 4 weeks away from the start of Summer Down Under & we still have our fire blazing every night!
Millie xx

Anonymous said...

Thought about you on Saturday evening and am happy to hear that you survive winter's first visit. Now, let's get back to autumn.
Your fireback is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh you haven't posted anything since Sat. I hope this doesn't mean you've been without power.
Take care,