Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Should I Trade My Cottage For This One?

It isn't often that I see something that I like better than my own cottage. Dare I even go and look? It's not very far away. I wish photos of the bedrooms were posted. Oh dear. Let me know if you have any interest. We could see it together and then flip a coin.

Content in a Cottage
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Stacey said...

It is a beauty and what a wonderful setting.

Gal Friday said...

A backyard pond? Perfect.
This seems like such an ideal little(although, I love that big open kitchen/living area)house.

Kat said...

Oh I love this! Between the lovely porch and the kitchen, you would hardly need any other rooms. What a warm looking space.
Thanks for sharing it Rosemary

Sue said...

It's beautiful. But , could you REALLY move? I just love your place. Eeesh. Decisions!

Ms. Robinson said...

yes and it in.

Anonymous said...

Where is this wonderful home located? New Jersey?