Monday, April 5, 2010

Potting Shed Sinks To Love

It's great to have a big deep sink to use when you are repotting plants and arranging flowers. I will feature my own vintage porcelain double laundry farm sink later today. I picked up on the side of the road (with help) and it's my very favorite thing in the cottage. I'll show it as my next post so stay tuned.

First image from Restoration Hardware
Second image from herbgardener

Content in a Cottage

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Susan Freeman said...

Love those potting shed sinks! I have a potting shed, but alas, no sink. Just another entry on the "Honey Do List". David will no doubt be thrilled!!

Susan and Bentley

Marilyn said...

I don't even have a potting shed, let alone a sink. Love the taps in the second one.

About Cassandra said...

Perfect timing, Rosemary! Great ideas to inspire on the day I'm setting up my potting bench for 2010! Thank you! Cassandra ♥