Saturday, February 28, 2009

Memory is the Power to Gather Roses in Winter . . .

It is a beautiful sunny day here with spring in the air even though it's cold. I won't gloat over my nice weather because I know many areas are still deep with snow. This post is dedicated to them. Enjoy your Saturday no matter what the thermometer says. ♥Rosemary

I don't usually put unrelated links in my posts but today I will. I think you will enjoy the wonderful site below with alphabetical photos of baby animals. It's very entertaining and educational too. I love the three infant hedgehogs.


Drawing: ©Mary Engelbreit

Content in a Cottage


SarahB said...

I loved those baby animals!! Thanks!

Gal Friday said...

I just wanted to tell you that my daughter and I "oohed" and "awed" away as we looked at all those babies yesterday(the donkey was my favorite)