Saturday, February 28, 2009

Garden Shed of my Dreams . . .

Click photo to enlarge the image. I have been going through my drawer full of pages ripped out of magazines. This fabulous outbuilding is from Classic American Home April/May 2001. If I could, I would definitely have this built on my property but unfortunately, I am already maxed out on impervious coverage. Boo Hoo.

Isn't this the best garden shed you have ever seen? I did not save any of the text so I can't furnish any details. Enjoy and if you build it, please send me a photo.

Content in a Cottage


Anonymous said...

We are always looking at historical out-buildings for ideas. Sometimes we see one that is a complete vision as is. The garden shed here is so cute that we would like to include it in our portfolio of gaden cottages. To view some of our out-buildings visit: - Mayo Frederick Duca, owner/designer

Content in a Cottage said...

Dear shellbackcottage,

I looked and your site is wonderful. I hope you get many orders for the "garden shed of my dreams" since it's such a nice addition to your portfolio.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.