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Saturday, July 19, 2008

My New BFF (Best Frog Friend)...

Look what I saw peeking out of the big round black rubber tub that holds my garden hose. Sighting occurred while taking an outdoor shower this morning. Mine has hot and cold water, a big rain shower head, and a nice mahogany platform. I am so glad I put it in when remodeling my cottage. It is one of the best things I ever did. There are two extra faucets down below so I can water the garden and give the dog a bath. You'd be surprised how often I find the need for hot or warm water outside. It is right outside my laundry room so it was easy. I drain the system and turn off the water in the fall.

For ages I have been meaning to switch this orange hose with a black one that's attached to the faucet on the side of my house. I am so glad I didn't. Mr. Frog looks so handsome on a colored background.

Do you think he's a prince? Should I kiss him? Nah! I would rather have a frog or a toad.

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Ann said...

Boo, Hoo! There are no pictures. Sorry I missed. wanted to see your outdoor shower. :>))