Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Looking Back: A Dozen Photos

My grandfather clock. My pantry with Dutch door closed. An early sundial on the counter before I had a microwave there. The outlet behind it was broken and I finally had it fixed when I needed an electrician for a more pressing repair.

An amazing winter golden hour. Photo was taken from the balcony off my living room.

Footprints in the snow. I walked halfway down my property a cold winter's day and these were the first prints I encountered.

One of my cardinals.

Bluebirds are my favorites. They love this corner of my balcony railing.

Geraniums on the lower level deck next to the sliding glass doors.

A favorite photo of my kitchen showing my tongue and groove ceiling.

The wreath on my front door last year photographed from inside.

A lovely notecard with a real shell on it.

My favorite photo of my cottage after it was painted summer 2022.

A nook in my kitchen.

One of the first photos I ever took in my kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane with old photos you have probably already seen. I had a great Thanksgiving and hope you did too. My new eyes are just wonderful after my cataract surgery. It will be three weeks on Thursday since I had my rught eye done and a month since the left one. I was a little concerned about the "floaters" in my right eye but they went away after two weeks. I couldn't be more pleased.


Content in a Cottage said...

NEW POST TODAY. Up and running at 1:44pm. Have a great Tuesday.
xo, Rosemary

Linda P in IL said...

Lovely photos, glad the eye surgery went well! Here, not so much.

Content in a Cottage said...

Linda P in IL -- Linda, thank you. Don't be discouraged as it takes time for eyes to heal and for the lens to adjust. Hope you get your problems resolved soon. I was told my floaters would go away in four days but it took over two weeks. One size does not fit all with cataract eye surgery. I am a very patient person and my eyes are still adjusting. Take care, xo Rosemary

Tasha T said...

Thank you for the photos of your beautiful house, Rosemary. I haven't seen them before so it's been an absolute delight to walk down memory lane with you. I am intrigued to know who left the pawprints in your garden. Was it a rabbit I wonder? I'm so pleased your cataract operations were successful.

Content in a Cottage said...

Tasha T -- I'm glad you enjoyed the old photos! The tracks in the snow were probably left by a rabbit if I remember correctly. Thanks for your well wishes about my "new eyes". I still have to pinch myself when I realize I can drive and watch TV in bed without my glasses. I have an appointment next month to have my vision checked for new glasses or maybe I can just get over the counter readers. I did a lot of shopping around before I decided on my surgeon and she was wonderful. I actually canceled with one firm because I was feeling uncomfortable about a few things. Cataract surgery is an "elective" one so the patient is in charge! xo, Rosemary

Pam said...

It's always a pleasure to see your home, Rosemary. As I looked through them, I couldn't help but think of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, saying, "There's no place like home...there's no place like home..." Absolutely true! Very happy to hear your eyes are doing well.

Content in a Cottage said...

Pam -- Thank you! I've always been a homebody and never tire of puttering around the house. My new eyes are a revelation. I have old glasses that work perfectly for computer and reading mail. I wear them around the house. When I take them off I am amazed that I can still see everything perfectly except for small print reading. Watching TV in bed and driving without glasses are now two of my favorite things. Thanks for your well wishes. Happy First Day of December. xo, Rosemary

Mary in Colorado said...

Your home is enchanting and all the effort you have put into it is very apparent…I love it!! Mary In Colorado

mia said...

Always fun to see your charming, cozy house. You have great taste, and everything is in apple pie order. Such self discipline. I drop in from time to time to catch up on your posts. Always a delight. I was surprised to hear of your cataract surgery. So glad it went well. I need to have my eyes done, but I've been procrastinating. You've given me a bit of courage to get on with it. Any tips on what to look for in a doctor? I do not have warm feelings about ophthalmologists, having dealt with a bunch of them when my son was diagnosed with amblyopia as a child. I went from one to another until I finally found a really good eye doctor with whom we clicked. Stayed with her until she moved out of the area. I was dumbfounded at points with how outright incompetent they can be, as well as unpleasant. Fortunately, I did find another good optometrist, but fear dealing with the opthalmologists again. I can appreciate your delight with improved vision. Best wishes.

Content in a Cottage said...

Mia --My eye doctor is a Board Certified Opthalmic Surgeon. She turned me over to other doctors in the practice for post-op exams. I have My one-month exam on 12/18 to test my vision for new glasses. Medicare pays for one new pair with no bells and whistles. We shall see. I agree that it's very hard to find a good eye doctor. Believe me I have a drawer full of glasses I wasn't pleased with. Good luck in finding a good surgeon. It will be worth the wait. Thanks for your kind words about my cottage. Have a great Holiday season. xo, Rosemary