Monday, October 2, 2023

Busy as a Bee this October

I replaced a small busy oriental rug with this rag rug my neighbor gave me. It was much wider but had a long rip so I cut it to size following the rip to the end. So the left side in this photo is a finished edge as are the two ends but the right side is a raw edge. 

I was able to get a hall runner out of the cut off portion. I had to resize it to 30" wide and the ends were turned over and sewn on my sewing machine. I had to turn over one long edge and sew that too but I have one finished edge. 

A closer view of the hall runner added to the post.

This is my view from my sofa in front of the TV. The rugs don't match but I like the new look and the rag rug is much larger than the small rug i had in front of the sofa between the French doors and I think the room will be warmer this winter.

Here is another view showing my coffee table and more of the other rug in the room.

I took down the summer tab curtains in the sitting room on my lower level in front of the sliding glass doors. I had forgotten all about them and found them when looking in bins in the garage. They turned out to be 3 rows of the checked fabric too long and the linings had stretched too and were longer than the drapes. What a project. It wasn't hard but it took quite a while in my attic sewing room and I am so happy they came out perfectly.

Another view with them open. We had really cold weather last week when I was working on this sewing project but I resisted turning on the heat and it got mild again yesterday and I was able to open my upstairs windows again. 

This room will be warmer during the winter with the curtains closed. They look nice from the outside too now that the lining fabric has been shortened. So now you know a few things I have been doing around the house and I am pleased with all three projects. The upstairs hall runner is the third.

I have put the cover on the air conditioning unit and there is still more mowing to do to get the grass short enough the leaves will blow away. They are just beginning to fall from some trees but most trees are still green. Fall is a busy time of year, isn't it. The more you can do to prepare for winter, the better. Halloween decorations are popping up all over too. See you again soon with more tales from the cottage.



Content in a Cottage said...

UPDATE: New post up and running. Happy October. xo, Rosemary

JudyMac said...

Lookin’ good, Rosemary! You’ve been a busy gal.

Content in a Cottage said...

JudyMac -- Yes, I have been busy and it feels good to accomplish something major before winter sets in. I wasn't planning on either of those projects but the spirit moved me to dive right in. xo, Rosemary

Gail, northern California said...

Glad to know you're alright...just very busy and productive! Kudos!

Content in a Cottage said...

Gail, northern California -- Gail, Thank for your concern. It feels good to accomplish things around the house that require brain work and finger work. Especially if they make the house warmer in the winter. Hope you are well too. xo, Rosemary

Mayree said...

Glad you are back and o.k. I have missed you! Turning fall here in s.e. Washington state
too and so much to do to ready for winter. I will be drying my fresh herbs and putting the
garden to bed and cleaning the creek, raking leaves, covering special plants. I think I have one more mowing to do before cleaning up all the garden tools and statuary but it keeps raining so very wet. I bought new bird feed for the feeders today too.
I love seeing your cozy interior. I have my Fall decor all finished until Christmas nears.
Stay healthy and safe! Marie

Pam said...

Yes you've been busy!! Your home looks so nice. How wonderful that your neighbor gave you a rug that you were able to repair and repurpose! Win-win. Although I like wood floors, once it gets cold, rugs can be a real comfort. Can't even imagine how you fixed the curtains, but you did a great job. Unfortunately, we are still struggling with high temps, but they promise that this is our last week. I hope they're right!

Content in a Cottage said...

Mayree -- Marie, WOW, you really have all of your fall chores mapped out, don't you? I still have a little weeding in my front garden and som pruning in the back. I probably have two more mowings and then I'll be finished. This week is warm and nice for working outside. Hope you get some cooler weather soon. Thanks for liking my indoor projects. xo, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

Pam -- The curtains weren't hard because the gathered top is just a long casing. They would have been hard had they been pinch pleats. The lining was the hardest part, keeping the hem and doing all the shortening from the top. But, as you know, I have a lot of patience and determination. I am very happy with the way they turned out and it was a satisfying project. I hope you get the cooler weather you wish for soon. I'll let you know if having a larger rug in that section of my living room makes a difference this winter. xo, Rosemary

Jean Ellen said...

Can I get some of your energy? Everything looks awesome. I think you are ready for winter.

Content in a Cottage said...

Jean Ellen -- I wish I could send you some of my energy. For some reason the spirit moved me into instant action on both of these projects and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Both were exercises in measuring, cutting, and sewing. And they both turned out just how I wanted so I am thrilled. You are right, I am ready for winter. I oiled my furnace and all I have to to is put draft dodgers under all the exterior doors and turn on the heat when it gets cold enough. Have a great weekend. xo, Rosemary