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Monday, August 15, 2022

Rooting Sage Cuttings in Water

I pinched some sage cuttings from a friend's garden yesterday after a delicious brunch and put them in water when I got home. Little roots are already starting to appear. Really. I haven't grown sage in a really long but my friends patch was beautiful. It has square stems and is in the mint family so I will be cautious where I plant it. These cuttings will be put in pots and planted outside next spring. The little rosemary plant looks really nice in person. This photo doesn't do it justice. I was also rooted in water from a cutting. I waited until late afternoon to do some weed pulling in my driveway and got a dumper cart full. It was nice and cool and I'm very pleased with the way it looks. I mowed with my old-fashioned reel mower over the gravel and it does a much better job than my gas powered mower because it cuts nice and close and there's no danger of stones being thrown. I try to do one really awful task each day and this was mine for today. xo


Linda A. said...

Your sage looks great. I think I will plant a rosemary plant in the fall.
It’s hot here,yep, hot and dry. No rain for months and months. So,
I’m just trying to keep things alive and sorta green. Lol. At this point
my frame of mind is, why do I have so many pots to water? Ha
Always enjoy your posts!

Content in a Cottage said...

Linda A. -- I have lots of geraniums planted in outside containers that I will have to dig up and put in clay pots for overwintering in the house. It's still dry as a bone here but the weeds are still thriving. The mowing I did yesterday was a type of weed grass (I think they call it switch grass) that is very easy to pull up and impossible to kill even in a drought but it turns brown with the first frost. My driveway in the area where I park my car is where I worked yesterday and it looks so nice today and was well worth the effort. Good luck keeping your pots watered. xo, Rosemary

Pam said...

I think any plant looks even better in a clay pot. Yours look very healthy. As for weeds in the driveway, I don't think anything is more prolific. We're trying not to spray for weeds, since we have little ones around so often. But that means I need to go out every day and pull all the new weeds. That's about the only way I can keep up (and some days I don't do the best). That's another nice thing about cooler weather coming, we won't have to weed!!!

Content in a Cottage said...

Pam -- I agree with you about driveway weeds. I have way too much driveway and I gave up on weeding the gravel years ago and now I mow mine. Certain areas require a lot of hand weeding this time of year but it's better than spraying in my opinion. Spraying is only a temporary fix anyway. I am watching GREEN PLANET on PBS with David Attenborough as the host. One of the episodes was on Weeds and they are way smarter than we are so we must embrace them if at all possible, He's 96 years old and continues to amaze me! I think yard work is good for me and much better than a gym membership. Pretty soon we will be nesting inside but I'm not quite ready for that. Keep up the good fight with your driveway weeding. xo, Rosemary