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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Great July Porch

The blue floor and blue ceiling are so soothing. I would need a chaise with a back you could collapse for naps. Click HERE for more photos of Extown Cottage. Click on each photo to enlarge. David D Harlan, Architects.


Enjoy what's left of your Sunday.


Pam said...

How lovely and it looks like a comforting home, both inside and out. I could move in and not change a thing!

Happy Independence Day, Rosemary!! xo

Content in a Cottage said...

Pam, I wouldn't change a thing either. It's absolute perfection. Happy Independence Day🇺🇸 xo, Rosemary

Coco said...

That is bliss!
Have a happy day, everybody.

Lisa D. said...

It's a wonderful porch, Rosemary. Unfortunately, we don't really have porches out here in California, like they do back east and in the south. You east coast people also have your garages in the back of your houses, which is so much more attractive than having them in the front, like we do. I suppose because automobiles were not even in existence when that part of the country was populated, and California is such a car culture. Happy 4th!