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Friday, July 30, 2021

Dahlia Day 7-- Fully Open

Overnight raindrops were still on the first dahlia of the season this morning around 9:00. We had very hard rain for about an hour at dusk last night. This variety has very substantial stems and stalks so no damage was done.

The shape has change dramatically from flat on the back to being rounded from the back view.

A profile view showing ball form.

Other side.

Front view showing the holly-shaped leaves and stems. I have decided this is a BLACK SATIN dahlia.

The limelight hydrangea I rooted from my mother plant in the back yard is very sturdy this year. Last year the stems were wimpy and couldn't support the blossoms so I cut it back to the ground. This year the stems are sturdy and the big blossoms are standing straight and strong. You really can't kill this shrub no matter what you do. Sometimes a severe pruning is just what the doctor ordered.


Pam said...

I've sure enjoyed the daily update pics of your dahlia, Rosemary. And your new hydrangea is doing so well. A couple of years ago, my hubby wanted to "help" me with pruning and cut all our hydrangeas down to the ground at the end of summer. I appreciated his help, but thought it might take a few years for them to rally around. Not so. The next year, they had very few blooms, but they doubled in circumference and looked better than ever. So much to learn when it comes to gardening. Hope you have a great weekend! We're supposed to have cooler weather, and I'm looking forward to that!

tammy j said...

this has been a wonderful journey of the dahlia! and your photos of it are exquisite. our heat indexes have hit 110.
it's refreshing to just See your garden Rosemary! XO

Content in a Cottage said...

Pam -- I once had a neighbor who always got so upset when I severely pruned some rhododendrons that were getting too big. She was convinced they would die but they never did. The thing about Limelight hydrangeas is they bloom on THIS YEAR's growth so you can really cut them back as late as February and March and not sacrifice any blooms. Your husband is a treasure to help you with your garden. I'm glad you enjoyed the dahlia adventure. It's cooler here today and it feels wonderful.
xo, Rosemary