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Thursday, February 11, 2021

My Overnight Snow

If and when I go outside, I will have to stoop to avoid running into these icicles hanging from the gutters over my front door.

This accumulation is doable. The seat of the chair was cleaned off down to the bare wood yesterday so it illustrates the light overnight dusting of snow. We are into a weather pattern, aren't we?❄️ xo


Catherine said...

I love snow, but here when we have a few centim├Ętres the country is paralized!;
But I remember going to Canada in February and it was fun!

Karen said...

Loving the snow pics! I feed birds also - but cracked corn on the ground. The Stellar's Jays were such gluttons - they would clean out my black oil sunflower seeds in a couple hours (and the sunflowers are SO expensive). The Stellar's have blue eyebrows! I feed squirrels, all kinds of birds, chipmunks, wild bunnies, ruffed grouse (Fall) and all year round - Hummingbirds! *they live in my holly tree - they wait on my honeysuckle vine for me to fill the feeder:) I used to put out suet cakes - but again - the Stellar's would chow them down in no time. Once the birds find a feeder, suet cake, etc - they tell all their friends:)

The Queen Vee said...

Death cicles, that's what I call those things hanging off your roof. All your snow photos bring forth all my memories of snow while living in Virginia. I don't miss shoveling so much snow, not one bit. Do be careful.