Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Garden #2 and SOME GOOD NEWS

Looking left inside red circle is the first garden I put in over the winter on mild days. The daffodils from my mother's garden are in bud and should be blooming soon. I am excited about the red poppies later too. Wish me luck. The daffodils that are completely dried up and crispy on my windowsill came from the garden on the right. 

I'm not sure how I found SGN (SOME GOOD NEWS) on youtube, but I did and it is very enjoyable.

Click here to watch if you cannot see the video above. I love John Krasinski and look forward to watching all the episodes I have missed.


Anita ~ the cabin on the creek said...

Oh my goodness Rosemary...this is just what we need. I have watched part of this, but plan to fill my mind with good things & watch some each day. Thank you!

...all is grace!

Pam said...

I never tire of planting bulbs and seeds, then waiting for them to grow. It always feels a bit magical. Hoping you're doing well Rosemary.