Monday, December 2, 2019

Weeds in First Snow

Everything looks better with snow on top, even a field of weeds.

I have been clearing my field of weeds by hand and it has been easier than I thought. The first two days, I just used my hand clippers and it was slow going. The third day I employed my electric hedge clippers and it was brilliant as the Brits say. I went over what I had cleared with my mulching lawn mower too. I am determined to whack them all down if it takes all winter and it probably will. Unfortunately the first snow of the season has called this project to a screeching halt. 

Now the weeds are bent over instead of standing tall. I will have to wait until everything melts before I can go back with an electric device but I can still do hand work. It looks like a real winter wonderland and the flakes won't be stopping until after midnight. My heart goes out to all the travelers trying to get home after the Thanksgiving holiday. My problem will wait until next week with temps in the 50s and rain. Be safe. Wishing you all snugness in your own homes. xo

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