Monday, December 23, 2019

Flying Staircase at Shirley Plantation

The flying staircase at Shirley Plantation, Charles City County, Virginia. Shirley is one of Virginia's oldest plantations, founded in 1613, and construction of the current house began in 1723. Eleven generations of one family have lived in the mansion, and descendants still operate it as a farm. via

I never cease to be amazed at beautiful architecture created without the aid of power tools.


lisa said...

Is that what they call these kinds of staircases? I never knew that, and yes, the ingenuity and genius of man is astonishing.

Penelope Bianchi said...


Mom said...

We have been to Shirley Plantation and toured the family mansion which is located next to the James River. The descendants of the Carter family still live in the upper stories of the magnificent home. The grounds and house are beautifully preserved.

Linda said...

would have known where this was without your description . . . been there countless times but long ago back in the early 70s and once again in the early 80s when Bob was stationed at Ft. Lee in Petersburg not far from the historic James River Plantation. Shirley was my favorite by far. I took everyone who visited us to see it whether they wish to or not! Figured it had to be good for them and it certainly made me happy.
Thanks to you I now have entered Shirley at the top of my list of places to see (revisit) in 2020. Want to go?
Merry Christmas, Rosemary

Linda Sand said...

I was impressed even before you said no power tools!