Sunday, October 27, 2019

Open House w/ Open Fire, Goats & Scary Pepper

I did an open house on a rainy Sunday today with an open fire. The rain stopped and the sun came out and it ended up being a very nice day.

The goats photographed from the wrap around porch.

I found this hilarious photo on Instagram. @virgin_honey
Isn't it hilarious?
Have a great Halloween week. xo


Pam said...

Lovely fire...and that pepper is hilarious!!

lisa said...

Very cozy and inviting room with the fire. There's nothing like a real fire in the fireplace. I suppose because it appeals to some sort of primitive instinct in all of us.

As a California, I fear the days of a fire in the fireplace may be over. In many areas they have outlawed fire burning fireplaces in new construction, due to air pollution. For the last few days, I've been one of many, many Californians who have been without power. That means no electricity, no heat, no internet, and no cell phone service. Due to the negligence of our power company, there have been numerous disasterous fires in California the last few years because our power company has failed to maintain their infrastructure. Consequently, rather than risk being responsible for starting another fire, they will shut down the power system entirely when very dry, very windy weather hits. Pretty amazing that things have deteriorated to this level, and pretty scary too. You never realize how you take for granted the basic comforts in life, until you are without them. Thanks for letting me vent, Rosemary, and I love the pepper!

The Queen Vee said...

Out here in Utah our week of Halloween ended up with record breaking cold temperatures. Thank goodness it warmed up into the low 30s for the early trick or treaters. I still had at least 120 spooks come to my door.