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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Birthday Card Request + The Death of Brown Furniture

Here I am again after a few days off wearing my Realtor Hat and working harder than you can even imagine. I am a member of NEXTDOOR, a neighborhood app where members can post and share. I am amazed at the questions, mostly looking for recommendations on home repair, good hair cutters, and child care workers. I especially love the photos of free things they are giving away!

The post below touched my heart:

I have my birthday card to this veteran who is turning 100 all filled out and ready to mail. I enclosed a dollar bill too, just like my grandmother always put in my birthday cards, ho matter what my age.

I typed out his address below if you want to send him a card as well. I love Hendersonville and my family always vacationed there. Doesn't Sunnybrook sound like a nice place?

Let's all help this 100 year old Veteran get 100 birthday cards!!!

Mr. Art England
Sunnybrook Assisted Living
Apartment 211
306 Spring Street
Hendersonville NC 28739

Now on another note. You know how much I love antiques and most of you do as well. This article that appeared in YANKEE MAGAZINE will break your heart. THE DEATH OF BROWN FURNITURE 
For those of us who still love old things with rich histories, it is a buyer's market. For those of the antique collecting community who paid premium prices for their possessions, it is very depressing. I rarely miss an episode of The Antiques Roadshow on PBS where they freely speak of the depressed market for fine antique furniture. I can't help but think the trend for "staging" homes that are for sale is partly responsible too. Having home sellers replace their possessions with rented furniture to go with gray walls with white trim might be sending another message. Maybe the buyers think they can't keep what they have but need all new furniture in order to move. I could go on and on but will get off my soapbox now. I am turning this platform over to you now!


Catherine said...

After many years of sending my niece money in her birthday card I asked her why she never mentioned getting it. I discovered that somehow the post office can tell if there is money in an envelope. The cards were ALL stolen, presumably inside the post office. Try it, send yourself cash in the mail.

Madame Là-bas said...

I read the article in Yankee and it confirms what I've noticed that every apartment for sale has grey walls, blue/grey minimalist furniture, stainless steel antiseptic kitchens and not one personal item in evidence. It is sad but I know that there will be no home for most of the family treasures that are housed in my much-despised curio cabinet.

GiGi on Orcas Island said...

Thank you, Rosemary, for leaving the link to the most telling article on 'The Death of Brown Furniture'. Indeed, we are the Mom and Dad with the furniture treasures that none of our four grown children want anything to do with....nor does anyone else seem to be interested in! One single, classic piece of furniture (mixed with the new modern) in a 'grey walls/white trim' setting, makes for a most handsome,interesting room..that has a story to tell....

Of course, I'm preaching to the choir!

Betty said...

The same for fine china, sterling silver, brass, crystal. Sad but I've found some true prizes at Goodwill and online selling sites. I love my mahogany furniture and antiques and use my china every day.

Linda Sand said...

Here in Minnesota the home stagers paint the walls a light tan, use whatever furniture the owner has, but buy new decorative items to "spruce up" the place. At least, that's what they did for us when we sold our last home. Maybe because our furniture was mostly Scandinavian in design made of either teak or oak so the lines were the clean ones minimalists like?

Jeannine said...

This too shall pass as do all trends. Brown furniture will come back. It seems everything does.

Windmill Farm said...

Great article and very telling. I agree with you, I believe the "staging" to convince people the house can hold a low sectional, everything looks like it matchs, all from Wayfair. No personality of the people, not allowed to have family photos, nothing on the counters, see baseboards. When was the last time you went to a friends house and you could see their kitchen counters? Having family past, having family history items is being spoken by the youth as pass say. Unless you have hero figures painted on walls, they want Ikea furniture or catalog delivered, nothing from your mother, or grandmother. So sad, so do hope it won't be too late before these items are all purchased up to be re-cycled, cut down, painted, legs cut off and made into a bar or coffee table

kathiquilts said...

As I read the above comments I realize again how blessed I am. I have three grown children. The youngest ( a boy) has already laid claim to several beloved family antiques. The oldest (a girl) will keep the the rest of the best family pieces. She, like me, collects white ironstone and we have gone through my collection, identifying the "special pieces" which are now marked with tags on the bottoms. I have told her that she is to sell the rest of my collection and use it to subsidize a treat for herself.
The middle child (son) is married to a girl who has been very outspoken about not wanting "any of that old stuff your mother has" - I guess two out of three is a pretty good showing!

Gail, northern California said...

That had to be the most depressing article I've read in a long time. True antique furniture cannot be replaced. It will be lost forever.

Similar to this subject: I have, and use, some beautiful pieces of lovely linens I (gasp!) iron. Most of my friends and family haven't seen an iron in years and yet when they come for tea or coffee, they notice and appreciate the pretty setting. There's really nothing lovelier than a square of cloth with the treasured art of embroidery.

KatieDid said...

All these comments are sadly true! "Brown Furniture" indeed! Real antiques go for a song at auction these days. No one wants dining room furniture, china, sterling...But I have to think it will turn around sometime. My children will want my family antiques that have come through the family for generations. And I have taught them to love the hunt of estate sale-ing! Hang in there and keep posting your pictures of lovely things. Lots of people still love them.