Friday, April 5, 2019

Robert Frost Quote about April

This quote describes an April Day perfectly. via

Yesterday afternoon I did a first mowing of a large portion of my rear property. I did not do a fall cleanup and my walk-behind mower did a fine job of cleaning up the overgrowth and crunching the leaves the wind didn't blow away. When my Robins return, they will love it. The deer are mad at me and are staying way back where the high field growth is and more long shoots of spring grasses. This is fine with me! It felt good to be outside and the weather was ideal for just a fleece. Today it cold again and rather gloomy with showers coming later. I wanted to do the front today but I need more gasoline and I am too lazy to rush out and refill my cans before the rain starts. It will just have to wait for the next nice day. I want to go over the front before the wild violets come up.
Happy Friday -- have a great weekend. xo

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The Queen Vee said...

Our first mowing will be tomorrow and you are right, that Frost quote is a perfect description of April although you might need to add in snow for where I live.

Hopefully the deer, with their ticks, will stay way back for the rest of the mowing season.