Sunday, March 24, 2019

Barn Owl in Flight

Photographed  at The International Centre for Birds of Prey Newent, Gloucestershire, England by ©Tony Llewellyn - Flickr -- I posted this image back in 2010

See all of my former owl posts here. In case you haven't guessed, I am very fond of owls.


Claire said...

What a beautiful owl! I love birds, I really do BUT there is a blue jay here with a mean streak a mile wide. We have been so generous with feeding birds all winter even going the extra mile to keep the squirrels out of the bird feeders. But this blue jay is so unappreciative. He eats his fill and then sits on my husband's truck and does his business! Just rude. But, also, just doing what birds do! We have to deal with the beauty and the not so beautiful to enjoy nature, don't we? I appreciate your blog so much. Thank you for sharing.

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for beautiful images at the end of the day.

lisa said...

He's a beauty. That's for sure. Blue jays are kind of the bullies of the bird world. They scare all the other birds off.