Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Watching PLUTO TV on my iPhone

This still photo above is actually a video I posted on Instagram. It shows my iPhone tuned in to a news channel on Pluto TV. It's a free app and I love it for watching live TV in rooms where I don't have a television set. This scene is in my home office in the pantry. You can also watch live movies or movies on demand. There are 24 Movie channels. 14 News channels, 13 Sports channels, and so much more. There are 100 channels in all. 
You can watch my video on Instagram here. You can download Pluto TV from the Apple App Store for iPhone or iPad or Google Play for an android device. Enjoy! You're welcome.
You don't need an app to watch it on your laptop or desktop computer. Here's the link. Click on the On Demand bar in the center to see the movies you can watch.


Linda said...

Dear Rosemary - you are the techy I am not. And, I say good for you. Simply not my inclination. Yet, I do like the notion of listening to the news while cooking . . . I fear I have become a news junky so perhaps it's good to have a "safe" zone to allow for a news holiday. Still, thank you for sharing. Truly interesting.

Content in a Cottage said...

Linda -- I have my tv tuned to BBC World News America almost all the time. You will find a use for PLUTO TV now that you know about it, maybe not now, but later.
xo, Rosemary