Friday, October 12, 2018

The Creaky Shed: Fresh Produce Greenwich UK

I love the name of this shop and the hand-drawn font they used for the sign. The Creaky Shed is a green grocer in Greenwich UK. The gallery of photographs with seasonal displays outside the shop plus more can be seen here. Looks as if they are all set for Halloween decorating with all the pumpkins. See you later with news of my car. Fingers crossed. xo


Linda said...

Oh such a visual feast . . . quite literally. I love visiting our farmers market because all the booths with there fresh and colorful array of seasonal bounties have the same appeal. Yet, occasionally, there are surprise treasures like Creeky where a true artistic hand can be seen and loved. A few years back, when our daughter lived in Woodbury, CT and I was there for a visit, we would drive a a short distance out of town to Maple Bank Farm, turn off the engine and simply sit for a moment in order to take it all in before getting out of the car and knowing it would get even better as we made our way inside . . . almost too much to handle at once!
Happy Fall

annette said...

This is so charming! The Brits have the most delightful names for their shops and villages. Also, love the story of your blue and white curtains. xo