Thursday, May 31, 2018

Photos Around My Cottage

Potted plants on my balcony. The pink geranium in the beautiful white ceramic pot with matching saucer has finally adapted to being outdoors again after a long winter inside. The blue flowers on either side are lobelias. I have never had them before but I'm looking forward to seeing them grow. The five pots in the fabulous galvanized tin planter from a rummage sale have nasturtium seeds that should be sprouting soon. Fingers crossed. The ones I planted in the front two weeks ago are already up.

The plant identification spike names this variety as "Heat Upright Dark Blue Lobelia" with improved heat resistance. They should be right at home on my hot balcony with no shade until mid afternoon. The flowers are self cleaning and need no dead heading. How great is that? 

These lamb's ears were transplanted to a back garden against my foundation and they are loving the support of a wall to their backs. They should be blooming soon and will be able to hold the weight of their heavy flower heads that the pollinators love. 

This amazingly beautiful sky with a moon was photographed from my balcony at dusk five days ago. In no time at all after I snapped this shot it was pouring rain. We have had more rainy days than sunny days and the upcoming first week of June from Friday to Friday shows nothing but dark days, most with rain. Oh well, what can you do?
I can't believe it's already in its last day so I'll say goodbye to May. Maybe her promised flowers will be more beautiful in June. xo


Linda Sand said...

You can thank Mother Nature for watering your plants. :)

Angela said...

Wow, the picture taken from your balcony at dusk is so beautiful!

Karen said...

The picture of your back yard and that dreamy sky - it is SO gorgeous! Good for you for capturing it so beautifully . . . .

Penelope Bianchi said...

I love lobelia! I always have! It's true, no deadheading!

My how I adore your back as a meadow! I bet there are ground-nesting birds!!! I love meadows!!