Friday, May 25, 2018

Organizing My Closet

I have only just begun, but this is an early view of the closet in my second bedroom. The room where I sleep doesn't have a closet so that's why I call this my dressing room. I dare not take a photo of the rest of the room right because it looks like a war zone. That's the only way I can work, by tearing everything apart and slowly putting it back together again. The two stacked shoe organizers, purchased yesterday at the church rummage sale, started it all. I have a way of stepping out of my shoes when I first enter my kitchen and leaving them there. No more! Now each pair has a home.
The books on top of my lingerie chest, decoupaged on all sides and inside the drawers with old sheet music, houses all the books I got at the church sale too. The chest was a garage sale purchase years ago that my mother enjoyed for many years. I need to look through the books before they find a permanent home. Most are on gardening. By the way, my nasturtium seeds are beginning to sprout!! There is more depth on either side of the closet for hanging clothes so it's larger than it looks with storage above for winter blankets, etc. I'm still not finished organizing my clothes into keep or donate piles, plus I wear the same few things all the time. Don't we all?

Here's a closer view. The two vintage shoe organizers with dividers are made from heavy duty cardboard and are covered with paper that makes me happy every time I open the double doors of my closet. When they were new, they were sold folded and flat and required some assembly. Someone kept them in perfect condition and they waited for me until I could get to the sale on the second day. Lucky me!


Betty said...

I really like this real life closet! My husband and I share one about the same size and somehow we manage.

The Queen Vee said...

I think a lot of things just wait for you to show up and buy them. Your closet organization is impressive. I clean, throw out and organize and then it seems like a few months later I have to do it all over again. I love your music covered lingerie dresser.

Penelope Bianchi said...

OMILORD! What a find! One of my favorite wallpapers! Gorgeous color inside! Happy day! Such a good idea.!
Just what that Marie Kondo says to do! I bought that book......and had it for months....was about to start....and MUDSLIDE!!!

So.....I gave away half, maybe more, to the victims in my small community who had lost every single thing in their house. You are right. We wear the same things every day.

I have taken that to a new level. I DO wear the same thing every single day. I bought 6 tops in camel, 5 in black....same thing. I have worn them every single day since September. Even at night. Even before the disaster. Makes it so easy to get dressed in the morning!

Lots of designers have uniforms. One less decision to make with a day full of decisions and choices!

I hope its not boring!

I adore your closet!

when we get back in our house......Marie Kondo here I come!

Linda said...

I put off few tasks as I do periodically organizing the closet. Yet, once back in order, I enjoy the end process most of all.
Your inspire. Nice work, Rosemary.
Do enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

Joanne S said...

Love the new glasses. Mine are the same shape and size--wonderful for women of some maturity.

And the shoe organizer is fantastic. The woman who designed the house we live in--had a "shoe closet" built into a wall that didn't have much room (depth) as it backed up to a bathroom tub shower. Just deep enough for a shoe. I LOVE it. Shoes and handbags go in there and while it's sparsely filled (I wear the same shoes year round) it's a joy to open and look at.

I have a "uniform" that I wear--one for cold weather one for warm. I buy clothes in multiples. People might think its the same black pants and same white linen shirt but actually it's one of a multitude. My closet has just those two colors in it. My glasses have RED frames.

Content in a Cottage said...

Betty -- I can't do anything to sugar coat my closet. It is what it is. It's fine for me and keeps me from having too much. I'm sure you and your husband feel the same way.
xo, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

The Queen Vee -- Victoria, The very definition of housework is doing the same things over and over. We just have to keep the chores a little more interesting by finding something exciting, like shoe storage boxes.
xo, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

Penelope Bianchi: Penny, I have that book too. "the life-changing magic of tidying up" (the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing) by marie kondo
I still have so many things in my closet that do not "spark joy" and they need to go. Thank you for reminding me of this book so that I read it once again.
Your camel and black uniforms sound very smart. You always look lovely in all the photographs I see of you on Instagram. I need to do the same thing if I could ever find anything that looks good on me in a store.
I continue to be amazed at all you have done since the mudslides and your spirit for turning a disaster into a blessing.
xo, Rosemary