Tuesday, May 8, 2018

House Wrens are Busy at My Cottage

I adore these little birds who have built nests all around me in my Bird Bottles from Williamsburg. This Carolina Wren is building in the back and loves to sit on this post and sing to me. I could never get this close with my iPhone and took this photo from my balcony with my Nikon. Deep blue skies are over the cottage today and the sun feels good and not too hot. See you later. Enjoy your day. xo


Pam said...

I enjoy watching birds and listening to birdsong. My favorite "singers" happen to be the ordinary little wrens and sparrows. A few days ago, a wren perched on a windowsill and peered inside the house. When she started to sing, I stopped what I was doing, sat down, and simply listened. Amazing!!

Mary Anne Komar said...

What a treat, they are lovely little creatures!xx

Content in a Cottage said...

Unfortunately, Williamsburg Pottery bird bottles are no longer being made :( but sometimes appear on eBay.
I searched Google and found a similar product here:
xo, Rosemary

Susan from Kentucky said...

That's a Carolina Wren in your picture. I love listening to them singing in the morning and evening. There used to be one who would stay in the corner of our old gazebo at night. We would be sitting in it and watch him slip in the opening and disappear into the folds of fabric.

Jaybird said...

Love the wrens. We have gourd bird houses around our back porch. They always nest in one or two of them....the babies are absolutely adorable!
We have one wren who only sings to hubby.....if I go out, she watches me, but doesn't have anything to say....but if he goes out, she sits on the corner of the porch and sings the entire time he sits out there. It is comical to watch, and we have shown many visitors who really didn't believe our story. She has nested on our porch for about 5 years, and must have 30 or 40 wrenlets!