Monday, April 30, 2018

English Storybook Cottage + Floor Plan

I would be thrilled to see someone build this charming English cottage near me. Could you even find the craftsmen to take the time necessary to pull it off? Masons today aren't often even given the opportunity to construct real chimneys like this or real stucco on the home's exterior. It upsets me no end to see a wooden box go up instead and stone or brick veneer applied later. Why are forever homes becoming a thing of the past? Click here to enlarge.


Mia Farrago said...

Agree completely. This is so charming.

Linda Sand said...

It's lovely.

The Queen Vee said...

In many places now you aren't allowed to build homes with wood burning fireplaces, so a well built chimney is no longer an option. As you said, where do you find the craftsmen, or I guess to be PC, the craftsperson who can build as in the past and if you do find them, well most of us couldn't afford to hire them. Homes are so expensive, I can't believe what we've paid for the cottage we are living in now. Our home was pretty much massed produced although we felt fortunate to find a builder who would make changes to his plans. The best way to have a cottage like the one you posted would be to buy something built long ago, of course for most of us that isn't even remotely possible. I feel grateful to live as comfortably as I do but I value and appreciate the craftsmanship of he past and try not to envy those who get to be caretakers of beautiful and charming older abodes.

Penelope Bianchi said...

I am proud to say that here in Santa Barbara, there are masons, and crafstmen, and wonderful artisans. And do we ever need them!

Our house was built 20 years ago. The same contractor, the same architect, the same plasterer, the same door and window custom maker......the same tile people. Blessedly they are still here and working on the project of restoration. How lucky am I???
These are artists....The house survived the most astonishing debris flow you could imagine (but you cannot) and had no mud nor moisture in the house nor the foundation......

And over 100 tons of mud and debris on the property. Astonishing.

They are on site; the mud is removed...the original landscape designer is restoring. Thank you Chubb Insurance. The best ever. Change to Chubb....(no one asked me to say that)

Craftspeople are hard to find. But they exist everywhere.....look for them!! Insist on them! You will be so happy!

Penelope Bianchi said...

This is a recent plan! (I can tell by how many numbers are in the phone number!

The architect can help you find people! They are out there! They just need work on quality projects! Find them! Do not be satisfied with terrible and poor quality work! ONWARD!!!