Saturday, March 10, 2018

Snow Recovery at My Cottage

I have a path from my front door one shovel wide. My car is cleaned off and I hand-shoveled all around it. The pile of snow on the left, which you can't see, was harder to do because the evergreen was in the way. When I was about 95% finished, a car stopped, and a man got out and offered to help me. I thanked him and assured him that I was very fit and was almost finished. The Good Samitaritan and true gentleman reluctantly drove away. It made me feel good that he was kind enough to even stop.

The icicles are starting to form on my barn/garage and the snow on my balcony has melted enough to show the base on my long bench.

The snow on my table top is freezing in place as it droops.
Have a great weekend as you dig yourselves out if you got a lot of snow. I feel your pain if you are still without power as so many are in New Jersey. My street got lucky and we were only out for a day and a half and that was plenty as some towns nearby have been out for over a week. It makes me feel somewhat guilty for having my generator but I would much rather have this home inprovement instead of a couple of designer handbags. It was money well spent and I plan on keeping it in good working order for years to come.


Stacey Snacks said...

Henry is always available to help with your snow is his pleasure :) That was very nice of that man to offer!
You do a better job than most! :)

Mama Pea said...

Being prepared is so very wise. There are ways others could be more prepared, too, but they make the choice to sit back and let others take care of them. (Or hope someone will take care of them.) I know that sounds jaded, but I see so many folks today who have no idea how to be self-responsible let alone self-sufficient. All the more kudos to you, dear Rosemary, for the intelligent way you structure your life. I admire you so much.

The nice gentleman who stopped and asked to help you should receive a Gold Star, also. Makes you feel good to know there are kind, caring people around, doesn't it?

Although you still have A LOT of snow, I can see it's starting to melt and sink into itself. Still lovely.

Content in a Cottage said...

Stacey Snacks -- Stacey, You and Henry are always the first ones to check in on me after a big snow and you'll never know how much I appreciate your friendship. Henry offered to come over and plow after being out until 11:00 the previous night helping others get plowed out. I am fortunate that I never HAVE to go anywhere and am usually prepared for what's coming. This time I just wanted to dig myself out. I wish I could throw you a line from my generator but it won't reach to Summit. Let me know when your power is back on.
xo, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

Mama Pea -- I take after my Mother. She always managed to take care of whatever went wrong around the house because my father wasn't handy. She learned from her father and I learned from her and it has served me well. Nobody in my farmily was ever good with motors but I was able to check the oil on my generator after I got my power back. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by.
xo, Rosemary

Catherine said...

How wonderful to hear chivalry is not dead. That was so nice of that man to offer you help.
I have a friend whose power goes off frequently during storms of all sorts. She too bought a generator. It makes he feel a bit guilty when the entire rest of her street in in darkness. She is only willing to turn on one light so as not to flaunt the fact she is warm/cool and cozy.