Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Settling-In - Chris Dunn: Badger, Wind in the Willows

"Settling-In" watercolor by Chris Dunn. 
Badger, Wind in the Willows
This is what I will be doing today as Toby, the 4th Nor'easter in 3 weeks plays outside. It is 8:30 on Tuesday morning and the very fine snowflakes are starting to fly at a pretty rapid pace. I am prepared to ride out this storm and hope for the best, but I'm prepared for the worst. Stay snug and warm if this storm is ruining the first whole day of spring for you too. 
I love this charming illustration and have always loved animal interiors in children's books. Mr. Badger has certainly done a wonderful job decorating his burrow under the roots of a large tree. The articles in The Woodland Times look like very interesting reading for a snowy day. xo


Catherine said...

Oh dear Rosemary! I read about the fourth storm coming. Everyone has to be totally fed up with winter in the east. I am so glad you have that new generator.

jusaweecatnap said...

Love it. I confess to wondering what kind of homes the critters in my yard have, and if the massive snowfalls this month are creating a mess for them.