Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My Wisteria in the Snow

My wisteria is hoping this is the last snow of the season. We shall see. The sun is shining today and the blue sky is full of white puffy clouds in my backyard and clouds of the threatening variety in the front. What an end to winter we are having. In my limited travels since digging out, I have seen so much tree damage. The local town website says after the first nor'easter many people were trapped in their homes with no way in and no way out. This must have been quite frightening, especially if these residents had no power. All is well now, thank goodness!


Linda said...

Your Wisteria has the right idea. Winter has done its part. Now, it's time to usher in SPRING.

lisa said...

It does sound frightening to be trapped with no way in or out. Glad you are safe and sound Rosemary. Aren't you supposed to have snow again tomorrow?! Then a break with some sun? I don't envy you folks back east. Here in northern California we have had lots and lots of rain, which we need.