Friday, March 2, 2018

Black and White Kitchen

This kitchen would work for me, very nicely, if I were a city girl. I love the huge window over the sink looking out on another townhouse. I don't think I would need two sinks so close together though. Robbins Architecture, Winnetka, IL. via
It rained all night at my cottage and so far, the weather hasn't been out of the ordinary. BUT the worst part is going to be from 8pm until midnight with high winds and I'm not happy about that. I am not going out for anything except to walk to my mailbox after the mailman comes. I have a generator now in case I lose power and my new roof is the icing on my cottage. I made a new batch of yogurt in my Instant Pot yesterday and I went to the market and bought new food for my clean refrigerator. SO, I am prepared for what comes. Thankfully, I am not on the coast. Be safe if you are, my friends. See you later. xo

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lisa said...

Stay warm and safe, Rosemary.